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The REALTOR® formerly known as "Green"

I've been an attentive reader of Debb Janes for several years, primarily because of her solid post content, her genuine concern for the beauty and healthfulness of her environment and her appreciation of good things in life. She has been an ardent supporter of ecologically smart living that has had the unfortunate label in the recent past of being "green", at the same exact time that profiteers have used the "green" term to sell more products with only weak links to being good for our world,

I'm re-posting this because I strongly believe that she has the right "take" on things in life that will benefit all.... not just corporations looking to capitalize on an advertising gimmick.

Thank you Debb for giving us permission to repost this valuable article. Comments have been disabled on this post as you would be better served by clicking over to her original and leaving your comments there.

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green glassesThe REALTOR® former known as “Green."

Last week, my husband gave me an interesting article that he knew would pique my interest. Apparently, according to  a small ( 125 votes ) Future Cities poll, urbanites voted “green” as their most despised buzzword.

The results seemed puzzling, until I read further. It seems, at least in part, the reason may lie in the ambiguity of the term “green.” Sadly, the term if often misused and abused to point of much confusion.

Does “green” conjure up images of forced initiatives, expensive building components that don’t translate into savings, or sustainability and smart design? Yes, that’s the critical element. What the heck does the word actually mean.

Agents who have the REALTOR Green designation, EcoBrokers and other well-informed REALTORS® should be able to explain the value of Green.

Personally, I think that designations mean little unless the professional commits to on-going education. Green design is constantly evolving. Plus, as mentioned before, the concept can be confusing, at best.

If you want to purchase a new Energy Efficient home, or retrofit an older home for more energy savings, be sure to have a well-informed guide. One who can fully explain the real value as promised by the features or changes in design.

It’s imperative that so-called “green” agents, possess the tools to adequately translate an energy savings feature into cost benefits to the consumer. Honestly, there are some green options don’t pencil out to added value. And in fact, don't pencil out at all as a smart choice.

CFLs, A lightbulb formerly known as Green.

One of the saddest and most confusing of the government mandated energy savings initiatives, comes in the shape of a light bulb. Actually, many shapes of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, all containing mercury. Sure, the new Energy Efficient models save energy, but at what cost to our personal health and the environment.

According to the EPA, if a CFL breaks, you need to evacuate the room for approximately 10 minutes and take precautions when cleaning up the debris. And, if that isn't freaky enough, according to a study, tiny defects in CFLS can emit UV light that can damage skin cells and lead to cancer.

Sure, I'm an EcoBroker, but I don't use, nor would I recommend the use of CFLs. To date, the risks outweigh the benefits. Dimmer switches ( with the old incandescent bulbs) and LEDs make more sense to me. The bottom line, CFLs create the kind of confusion and mistrust that make "green" a bad word.

From now on, you can label me as an EcoBroker with common sense, the REALTOR® formerly known as "Green."



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The REALTOR® formerly known as "Green"
I've been an attentive reader of Debb Janes for several years, primarily because of her solid post content, her genuine concern for the beauty and healthfulness of her environment and her appreciation of good things in life. She has been an ardent… more
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